The official end of the January Challenge and official beginning of the February Challenges

I made it! No Added Sugar! I even considered eating cereal on Friday because I started with saying this was a 30 day challenge and Friday was day 31, but I felt like that would be cheating. So, with the exception of half of the honey roll that I thought was a regular roll, and a bottle of Gatorade G2 when I thought I was grabbing a bottle of Gatorade Zero, I avoided added sugar.

Here's my nutrition information for the month:

The light green is the sugar content I ate for the month. I recall one day, I ate two bananas, which pushed my sugar intake to 61, but my overall average was just over 20 grams per day. I'm going to guess my sugar content will be off the chart today - I'll be having a bowl of cereal and after lunch, I'll head to a bakery and coffee shop downtown for a sweet treat!

The start of the sleeping challenge was irritatingly roughly. I went to bed at 10:30 for a good 8.5 hours of sleep. And I couldn't fall asleep. When I did, I kept waking up every 20 minutes or so. Then around 4am, I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep until just before my alarm. I dreamt that I was at my parents house and was very hungry and looking in the pantry for something to eat. All they had were stacks of cookies and boxes of nuts. I couldn't eat the cookies because of the no added sugar challenge, and I don't like nuts. Mom pulled in from school (she's a teacher) and came into the house, asking me how I slept. I said "Dreadfully!" then woke up to my alarm.

Yikes. Well, tonight I'll be having some Zzzquil about a half hour before bed, and will just do some calming things so I'm ready for bed. I also might have a nap, but only for a half hour so it doesn't ruin my ability to sleep tonight.

My dentist appointment went well, and next Friday, I'll get my Invisalign braces. So far I haven't looked at my financial accounts, but it's only 9am. And I got the dishes washed, undecorated my apartment from the Christmas decorations and remembered to grab the mail and the seltzer water from the car. Progress is good!


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