Invisalign Day 2, and board games with friends!

Today was more difficult for Invisalign - I was a bit more sore and eating was getting tiring. For lunch, I had a biscuit, some bacon and two eggs. I tried eating two pieces of pizza for dinner, but eventually gave up after one piece and got a protein shake instead. It was annoying having to eat even slower than I normally eat, and continually pinching my cheek between two attachments. I also can't have a full beer because I'm a slow drinker as well! I guess I'll have to decrease my alcohol and coffee intake. At least it doesn't hurt to have the braces in! I'm so glad I didn't try to do the no added sugar challenge along with this. There was no way I'd be able to eat enough without protein shakes, at least for these first few days. I'm hoping I get used to eating this way soon. I'll be having lunch with some coworkers tomorrow. We're going to a Mexican restaurant. Hopefully I can just get a bowl of rice, cheese and chicken. Spicy foods seem to be out, as the capsaicin irritates my already cut and inflamed cheeks. I just have to remember that this likely will be the worst of it, and every day further will get better. I mean, it has to, right?

This afternoon, some friends of mine and I gathered to play a cooperative board game called "Stuffed Fables". It's actually geared toward children to play with their older relatives, but the game itself is so well done and the story line so cute that four adults who have no children enjoyed playing it. We ran through two scenarios about wandering around foreign lands full of discarded and mangled stuffed toys and defeating mechanical bosses bent on spying on the child that the stuffed toys are protecting, and taking her toys while she is asleep. I'm sure we'll finish all the campaigns eventually. Likely before mid-March!


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