Indistractable Chapter 23

Chapter 23, Prevent Distraction with Effort Pacts

Eyal uses pacts with friends who have similar schedules to have focused bouts of work time. He mentioned that he is more likely to stay on task when his friend is also on task, and they are both bound to their mutually agreed upon amount of focused work time.

When his friend who did this with him most often went to a conference, Eyal sought out Focusmate, videoconferencing service that pairs you with someone that has a similar schedule, so both can have focused time and a sense of not wanting to let someone else down.

Chapter Summary:

  • And effort pact prevents distraction by making unwanted behaviors more difficult to do.
  • In the age of the personal computer, social pressure to stay on task has largely disappeared. No one can see what you're working on, so it's easier to slack off. Working next to a colleague or friend for a set period of time can be a highly effective effort pact.
  • You can use tech to stay off tech. Apps like SelfControl, Forest, and Focusmate can help you make effort pacts.

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