Indistractable Chapter 25

Chapter 25, Prevent Distract with Identity Pacts

It's easier to take an action when it is part of your identity. Eyal discussed a study about voter turnout when the questions were about how likely they were to vote versus questions about being a voter. For those that had the questionnaire that discussed them being a voter, the turnout was much greater.

We change our behavior by how we view ourselves. I struggle with practicing piano. I like piano. I used to call myself a piano player. Now, I cringe when someone says that about me - it's a reminder that I'm not doing what I had set up as 'who I am'. Since I have such a problem with it, I either tell everyone it was something I used to do, and then beat myself up about it in my head.

I'm struggling to find something that works, especially in the light of current events - it's tough to continue on beyond basic tasks. I'll head back to basic tactics, like the first book I read about making habits obvious, easy, attractive and satisfying.

Chapter Summary:

  • Identity greatly influences our behavior. People tend to align their actions with how they see themselves.
  • An identity pact is a precommitment to a self-image. You can prevent distraction by acting in line with your identity.
  • Become a noun. By assigning yourself a moniker, you increase the likelihood of following through with behaviors consistent with what you call yourself. Call yourself "indistractable."
  • Share with others. Teaching others solidifies your commitment, even if you're still struggling. A great way to be indistractable is to tell friends about what you learned in this book and the changes you're making in your life.
  • Adopt rituals: Repeating mantras, keeping a timeboxed schedule, or performing other routines reinforces your identity and influences your future actions.

Coronavirus update:

Wake county is now under a stay-at-home order until April 17th... at least.


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