Indistractable Chapter 35

Chapter 35, Be an Indistractable Lover.

This chapter title is a little uncomfortable, and also, the last chapter in the book. I guess I would have called it Be an Indistractable Sleeper, because it's about setting bedtime routines that allow for fewer distractions in the bedroom, like no phones nor TV, and setting a time in which the distractions will no longer be available.

Eyal mentions that many partners go to bed on their phone instead of spending time being with their partners. When he noticed it in his marriage, he and his spouse agreed on some rules, like no TV or phones in the bedroom, and he also bought timer plugs so the computer monitors and router turned off promptly at 10pm. They could override them and switch it back on, but that required climbing around desks and in corners to break the rule they set. When I was married, I didn't have that issue because we almost never went to bed at the same time. I usually went to bed hours before my night owl then-husband, who stayed up late playing video games.

It's good to be mindful of those close to you in your relationships, as this chapter and others show. I was disappointed at the ending. I hoped for a more conclusionary end with the large reminders of removing external and internal triggers, and creating traction while avoiding distraction. The final chapter seemed to me as if the writer didn't know how to end the book, and instead used his story about distractedly asking his daughter what her superpower was for a revisit, and how moved he was that she wanted to be kind to everyone. Great. That's nice. I'm glad for her.

However, I realized that using this blog to consider what I'm reading, I am killing two birds with one stone - I'm writing daily and I've already finished two books out of the piles and piles on my shelves. I'm nearly done with Hank Green's book, so I guess that'll be for tomorrow!

Chapter Summary:

  • Distraction can be an impediment in our most intimate relationships. Instant digital connectivity can come at the expense of being fully present with those beside us.
  • Indistractable partners reclaim time for togetherness. Following the four steps to becoming indistractable can ensure you make time for your partner.
  • Now it's your turn to become indistractable.


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