Pleasant Day and Plenty of Sleep

Individual days are going fast, but weeks are dragging on. Suddenly it's 11:30? But I barely finished breakfast. I've only been home for three weeks? It feels like three years! I finally got enough sleep last night - 9 hours! - which was the first time I got more than 7 hours sleep since Wake County started the stay at home order. I was averaging more like 5 or 6 hours a night, and I know I'm much more functional at 8.

I spent most of the day outside on my patio, reading the autobiography of Pete Buttigieg that I borrowed from one of my friends in December, and I felt that I ought to read it and give it back to her when I can see her again in, well, who knows. June or August or 2021. I don't know. It's been a really lovely book and it's well written, and I hope Pete continues to run for and hold public office. Maybe in 40 years, he'll be old enough to clinch the Presidency.

I went through my inventory in one of those online databases where you tell it what you have in your pantry, and it tells you what you can make.

Apparently, I can make a lot of bean soup. With rice.

Anyhow, I am going to cross off the things I know I was planning on making before the pandemic struck (I froze 3 lbs of ham for 2 crockpots full of ham and bean soup; 7 lbs of pork for 3 instant pots full of spicy pineapple pork, and 2 lbs of shrimp for 1 pot of Moqueca de Camaroes) and then assemble what is left into some sort of plan tomorrow, so I can buy the groceries I need (via Instacart delivery) as I'm out of roasted red pepper, almost out of cheese, and I only have one onion left.

I did order another round of hot sauce, as I've started going through my current collection faster than normal and polished off two bottles already. Butterfly Bakery Cilantro Onion hot sauce is excellent!

Once my grocery delivery is done early next week, I'll have everything I need for the next two weeks and beyond. I probably won't need groceries again until May, or later. I know that I'll be working from home at least until May 15th, but who knows.


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