Odds and Ends for the end of the workweek

I took inventory of my pantry and found I happen to have a ton of rice and beans, and some frozen ham, frozen pork and frozen shrimp. I'll be doing meal planning this weekend, then ordering some groceries via Instacart for the recipes where I don't have what I need to finish it off.

I have a bad habit of making just one 'thing' until that thing is gone, and that can lead to a few nutritionally lopsided days. I really don't need three days straight of Roast Chicken Ramen, and I'll be getting a plan of not only what I can cook, but in what order.

In coronavirus news, global cases have gone past 1 million, and if we haven't started flattening the curve, it suggests that by the end of next week...or sooner... we'll have 2 million cases.

I'm just staying in my apartment.


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