Shortest Way Home

I finished Pete Buttigieg's autobiography today, and really enjoyed the book. He's a kind and genuine person - and it felt like a detailed look into a person who acted like a genuine person when he was running for President. Granted, this was all to paint him in the best light, but it wasn't all successes and easy times for him. I appreciated his deciding to work with his Republican state officials and governor on issues that they both agreed on, instead of being divisive or partisan.

I spent most of the day carefully getting rid of the cardboard boxes I've gotten since early March - I set up a staging area where they wouldn't be disturbed and they couldn't disturb anything else. Finished up laundry, finished up a meal plan for the next few weeks, ordered groceries that would be delivered on Monday, and tried to deter some bees that seem intent on thinking my patio end table is a flower. Three bees went around and under it, then flying away. It's covered in pollen - almost everything is around here - and I'd neglected it and another chair when I wiped down my patio furniture a week earlier. I guess tomorrow morning, I'll go through, wipe down the furniture and sweep the deck and hope with lack of pollen will also go the bees' lack of interest in hanging out at my patio.

Tomorrow, I'll have to figure out what book to read. I only have two bookshelfs full ...... plus the 100 or so in my Kindle...


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