Do all the things!

No, wait, don't do all the things. At least, not all at once.

I've really regressed. I'm still not playing piano or working out despite making both of those things easy and obvious. I continually say "I can do that in a half hour" until around 9pm, where I start to get tired, then say "I'm too tired, I can do that tomorrow."

Man, this version of Laura sucks. She's gained weight, is eating all the sugar and easy carbs in the kitchen, barely cooking, not doing her hobbies and feeling generally tired and slightly unhappy.

However, I still shower every day, and wearing my braces means I have to brush and floss after every meal, and I turn up for work and actually do work while I'm logged in - see my recent troubles with SSIS - and I've been practicing photography and still writing daily, and I've even been taking a few walks of about two miles each. All of that stuff is great!

But clearly it's not enough. I have way too much time to mindlessly read Reddit or the news, and while I'm no longer panicky about it all, it's still draining. Apparently, Trump thinks we should do a test of injecting disinfectant in people, or blasting them with a "powerful light" to combat COVID. I wonder if he and Carolyn Goodman will sign up first.

But I digress. I watched a video on YouTube from Joey of Better Ideas about getting out of a rut. I found it very insightful, so I'm going to watch it again, as I watched it more for the entertainment value last time, and now I'm starting to enact some of the changes, like doing a few of the projects I want to do during the morning instead of afternoon. Too often the morning flies by on the weekend and I have nothing to show for it. At least for today, I'll be happy with my progress. I just did a bit of photography, and now I'm going to do the exercises for my bodyweight workout, then have a shower, then drink another cup of coffee and start the laundry.

Feeling better already. All my plan for today looks definitely doable and I can still get plenty of time in the afternoon for other projects, or just reading.


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