Temporary failure?

I added the SSIS service account to SQL server, and linked it to a credential, then a proxy, and then to the job itself, and ran the job.

It failed, again with the 'it could be permissions or XML' error. So, I added the login as a user to the specific database.

No dice.

Ok, I'll grant it sa privileges.


Ok, I'll log into the server itself and find the directory that has the SSIS package and explicitly grant read and execute privileges to the service account.

Same error.

Ugh. *I* can run it, but ljohnson isn't even explicitly listed in the server or databases. I'm inheriting privileges from a user group. Monday, I'll track down exactly what privileges the user group has and see how the service account is any different. I really wanted to get this wrapped up this week, but really, there's no rush to get it done.

I was tired enough from that wild goose chase that I just ate two bowls of cereal for dinner and called it good. Tomorrow, I'll have my Upgraded Ramen complete with Red Chili Flakes.

I really, really should have remembered how to spell the Indus river, but sadly, the lack of memory cost about 10 seconds or so. I was quite pleased to know what Edam was after eating several small blocks of it over December of last year!


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