Crossword fail

Instead of crushing the crossword, it crushed me. I had to have a friend of mine help. I usually get at least half the clues on the first pass through, but I got none. None of the clues!!

State of the art. Um, modern? Art? I don't know, pass.

Figure on a tag. A shirt size tag? Large? Nope. Small? Nope. Uh... is it a sizing number, like Eight? No. Ugh, ok, pass.

Starboard, on a ship. I don't know what starboard means. I know there's port and starboard and I don't know what they mean. Pass.

Guiding belief. Religion doesn't fit. Church doesn't fit. Now all I can think of is "Light" from that soap opera grandma would always watch. Pass.

Non-human with an Instagram account. Oh, a bot! Nope. Uh... NPC? No. I.. don't know. Pass.

Wow. An empty board after the first sweep. Ok, let's try the down clues.

Domain of the Roman Goddess Nox. No idea. I never paid attention to the Greek or Roman gods or goddesses in school. No clue, pass.

Video call annoyance. Uh, Pets. No. Kids. No...Child is too long. People is too long. Ugh, pass.

Dampens. Oh, like sound. Uhm. Baffle is too long. Towel is too long. What dampens sound and is four letters? I don't know, pass.

Kitchen work before cooking. Oh, Mise en place! Uh.. Mise! No. Clean... too long. I don't know, pass.

Religious ceremony. Uhm, I have no clue. Way too flustered by now.

And at that time, my friend who does the crossword with me most days completed his (We were on a video chat application.) "Done! How many did you get?"

"Uh... none."


"Literally a blank board. Well, no, I got a T because I guessed BOT for 8 across, but only the T was right."

So he kindly helped with more clues, and I finally figured out the puzzle. It was terrible. I mean, I appreciate my friend, but I felt like the clue writer and I were just from different backgrounds and even the words that I know (like I know water makes things damp) but I use them differently. Oh well. Better luck next time.


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