Guitars picture explained

I was doing a string of "collection" photos, and decided to photograph my three guitars. Technically, I have one guitar, one baritone ukulele, and I borrowed my cousin's guitar and have yet to bring it back. Oops.

Trying to take a picture of guitars is a little difficult if you're setting up in a dining room. I didn't feel like moving all my equipment to the living room. Of course, I didn't have enough space to capture all of the guitars in their entirety, but remembered that I don't need to photograph the instruments fully. I could just have enough guitar. After all, most people know what a guitar looks like and I am trying to challenge myself to do art over documentation with my photography.

I also did the crossword but I wasn't fast like I would have preferred. I kept getting tripped up by their using "Judge's study" as a verb (the answer was LAW) while I expected it to be a noun (because of the apostrophe!) and CHAMBERS doesn't fit into three blank spaces.

Oh well. Better luck next time.

Wow, Brazil shot up there. I think the US is starting to slow down but we'll see as things open back up and people start going out to eat or gathering in large groups.


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