One of my favorite April photos

I took a while to get this book photographed in this way. I knew I wanted to make a half-joke about how this spring has felt like "The Long Loneliness" but wanted the title of the book to be the focus, not the book itself. I started by photographing just the spine of the book, but that didn't get the effect I wanted, as I have beige/white walls, and I wanted the background to be dark to make the book stand out. I couldn't stand the book on edge as it would result in a weird crop in the editor. I needed something other than the book in the picture as well.

I tried photographing the book cover, but it was too busy and I didn't want to have the author name and picture of the author in my photo. I realized I needed to really consider just the title - it doesn't even need to look like a book. For reference, here's a picture of the book:

The binding has the reddish and blue colors on d and a in the author's surname. I just liked the black and white bit. I fooled around with my macro lens and how much of an angle I wanted to use to photograph it, and settled on the final photo at the beginning of the post. I did some editing to add clarity and crop the image further. I'm pleased the way it turned out!


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