Photography practice

I've certainly gotten better from my first photo to my later photos. Granted, the first few photos were taken from my phone camera, and I didn't know about using photo editing software even though I had Lightroom for several years. I thought, "What would be the point of dragging my camera out every day just to take one photo?"

Turns out the point is to make me a better photographer. I'm now using my tripod and remote shutter and considering composition, color, exposure, focus and artistic detail. Do I want to take a picture of a thing as more of a documentary idea, or as art? Should I take a picture of one item, or a collection, or try to tell a story?

Here's my first photo:

At least it's not the usual "Here is an item that I took from where I was standing," at least I got down on the floor and chose a closer perspective, but if I were going to reshoot the photo (I can't now, all the alcohol has been drunk - two months in shelter-in-place will do that) I would choose a dark background and dark table or floor instead of the bland shades of beige that are the floor and wall here. I also like the fact that I managed to unintentionally make the wine labels form a kind of U shape. I'm unsure if I would keep the box of beer in the background. It doesn't really add to the photo.

Here's the photo I took today:

It's not my absolutely favorite, but it is much better - I'm considering the composition and used a dark(ish) background to make the light colored external hard drives pop. I also used my real camera, and a tripod, and my remote shutter so I can have a longer shutter speed without worrying about being ridiculously steady. And, I edited the photo in Lightroom to tweak the levels and crop the edges.

What a difference a month and a half makes! I'm really enjoying the practice, though I think I might start going outside for more photos.


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