Ready for part of the move

We were given a sign up sheet at work of days to head to the office to collect our belongings and pack up our work stuff since we'll be moving to the new office in November as our current office space will be remodeled into the new exam center. Since we're moving during an infectious pandemic, we're only allowed 10 people in the office at a time, and we can't have anyone else that sits near us also in the office that day. I signed up for a day this week, and I'm not looking forward to it, and I'll just get up and go as soon as possible that day.

The crossword went well today, but would have gotten it in under a minute if I hadn't made several typos.

The container garden looks good! I planted all the plants. Home Depot had about 50% compliance of mask wearing, and the aisles were big enough that people would mostly be mindful about their distance. I guess that's about as good as I could hope for. Hopefully my mask kept me from any wayward covid particles since no one coughed or sneezed near me.

Speaking of Covid, here's the current map. Russia shot out of nowhere, though India and Peru are continuing their exponential climb.


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