Optimizing Queries

Lesson one in the SQL book's chapter on Using Tools to Analyze Query Performance deals with using SQL Server Extended Events. I learned that SQL Server Profiler, a tool with a robust GUI, will soon be deprecated, I guess I won't need to be an expert in Profiler, but should get much more comfortable with Extended Events. I've used Profiler lightly in the past, but the GUI allows for entirely too many options and often takes me a few tries to fine tune the query into what I want for the proper data capture.

Hopefully Extended Events won't be as ridiculous, but the GUI seemed more straightforward with the first two exercise than Profiler ever was. I wish that the book offered more exercises, but perhaps I just need to read slower and take notes.

Tomorrow will be a busy day - I'll finish the other two lessons in the chapter, then take the exam practice test. I assume I'll fail, but hope that it'll give me the idea of what I need to study and how I need to approach the exam in a few weeks.


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