Tested out the Practice Test

After a day of finding non-urgent tasks, like cleaning my bathroom sinks and unpacking one of the boxes from my company's office, I finally got around to starting the Practice Test. They allow for three modes:

Certification Mode: where they ask a certain number of questions and 120 minutes in which you cannot pause or stop the test, only abandon.

Study Mode: where you select the number of questions you want to answer, and it is untimed

Custom Mode: where you select the number of questions you want to answer, it is untimed, and you can select which exam section you want the questions to come from.

I selected Study Mode, and only picked 30 questions. I believe the exam will have 40 - 50 questions from a bank of 200 or so. Since I wasn't being timed (it lied!) I got up from my computer to watch my part of the building getting powerwashed for several minutes.

Of the question content, some of the questions I didn't know the answer to, and some of the questions were so easy I felt like they were trying to trick me. But in the end, I didn't do too bad!!

I missed a few questions because I second guessed my answer on triggers, and I forgot the syntax to transfer a view from one schema to another, and picked the wrong but close to the correct answer, and there were a few questions I just had to shrug and pick.

I'll keep on doing the practice test, and will pick up the Microsoft Practice Test for 70-761. The test I'm taking now is the older version, 70-461. Doing a week or two of these, and I'll feel like I can move to the next stage.


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