Practice Test #2

Today, I slowed down a bit. Slept in a little due to insomnia the night before, and worked at a leisurely pace. Got the rest of the apartment cleaned up, but managed to accidentally get shampoo in my eye when I showered, and my eye's been a bit blurry when reading text like my blog post.

Still managed to do another practice test, but this time I failed. However, I encountered more questions on things I'm not completely clear on.

Here are the questions I missed:

I swear I got the same type of question yesterday and picked ALTER SCHEMA and learned it was supposed to be ALTER VIEW. Clearly I'll need to read Chapter 9, lesson 1 in my SQL book.

Clearly, I've just not committed to memory the different types of transaction isolation. I'll reread Chapter 12, lesson 1 in the SQL book.

Ugh, this is one that I went back and forth on. I've only done plain SELECTs in my views, so I haven't used any of these clauses in my views. I picked COMPUTE last time, and it was wrong - I should have picked INSTEAD, even though I've not used INSTEAD in my views. I'll just have to read Chapter 9, as that's about views.

This one, I just read too fast and said "Isn't a Primary Key supposed to be unique already?" Guess I'll do Chapter 8, lesson 2 in the SQL book.

I haven't used any of these functions, read "smallest integter", assumed they wanted floor, as clearly ABS for absolute value and POWER for exponential math wouldn't be appropriate. Should have read a bit more here. I can read Chapter 3, lesson 2.

I got this one wrong for the exact same reason I got the first question wrong.

And I didn't read closely enough about the ranking of people, and should have opened the exhibit showing the result set. I will in the future.

Even though this test is a "fail", I still learned and it wasn't that bad. I'll try again tomorrow after having read the aforementioned lessons in my SQL book.


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