Switching SQL focus

I did more research on the 761 exam, and realized that they had dropped the Optimization Queries concepts and added JSON, so I gathered some JSON videos and articles as I've never had anything to do with JSON. I found a site with test questions, and it's pretty clear that this is going to be a very difficult exam, and I might go the test dump route after learning the concepts. The questions are very nitpicky!

I also found a few people on Reddit who had passed the exam, and what they did to study. I purchased the course they used - it was only $15, and I'll run through the concepts I'm not solid on, as well as get a practice exam done.

Due to the apartment complex having sprinkler inspections inside today and power washing outside tomorrow, I spent the rest of the evening tidying up. I'll have to get my patio furniture from outside, in. I would rather they just powerwash the furniture, but oh well.


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