Continued exercise and put a slight pause on baking

I'm continuing exercising every day in August. Today, I walked a 5k in 48:52 which is both great and irritating. Great in the fact that I'm clearly fitter than I was before, but it's a little irritating that I did my best with the past 5Ks and I'm barely slower having just power-walked 3.1 miles. The official 5Ks that I've run have been:

2016 North Hills 5K: 51:06

2017 North Hills 5K: 45:12

2018 North Hills 5K: 48:15

2019 North Hills 5K: 48:44

2019 Hope Through Education 5K: 44:07

The 2020 North Hills 5K will be done a bit differently - You're allowed to follow the race course any time between 8/21 - 9/14 and submit your time through email, or run any 5k course with time submitted. I'll attempt the course but it'll be a little more difficult since they won't be blocking traffic for the runners. It's a quiet neighborhood, but I'd still need to be a little careful crossing a few of the streets. I'll likely bike it and possibly walk it in hopes of snagging a sub 44 minute time when running, but we'll see.

I was going to make blueberry scones this afternoon, but I wasn't really feeling like baking. However, I knew I needed to make a determination on the buttermilk I'd purchased a week or so ago. If it was still good, I'll be baking. If not, I'll take the weekend off.

When a few chunks poured into a glass, I decided that I wasn't interested in using it, and therefore going to put off baking until the following week or so... or whenever I decide to go to the grocery store again. Since I don't need to bake, I don't have to go for a few more weeks, and can just wait until then. Guess I'll go back to my book for the rest of the evening!


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