Chardonnay and Herbed Gouda and the fifth day for the gym

Went to the gym and ran my routine like usual. Happily increased a few of the weights for some exercises. Came home and ate some Thai leftovers. But now we're to the big event of the evening!

Here's day 5's wine:

A chilled Chardonnay! To go with:

Herbed Gouda!

The wine is a middle of the road Chardonnay. Light, bright, with notes of apple and some peach. More like a semi-sweet, and I don't feel like it is an over oaked wine, thought this one was made in Australia, which usually uses oak barrels in their winemaking process. I like it!

The herbed gouda smells absolutely wonderful. I feel really dumb for not being able to pick out the herbs used, as my brain keeps thinking onion, and that's not a usual seasoning for cheese. Perhaps tasting it will allow me to pick out specific herbs? I think I see dill and oregano. It is wonderfully tasty, and I'd happily eat a block of it. Clearly I need some sort of spice/culinary class so I can find out exactly what I'm tasting and smelling in my cheese.

The pairing itself works nicely. Like last night, the cheese overcomes some of the acidity of the wine, making it feel like a sweeter wine than it is. Overall, it's a good wine and a great cheese!


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