Day 4, likely the toughest day of them all

Today's schedule was stacked against me. Instead of sleeping until 6am and then heading to work, I woke up at 4am and stared at the ceiling wishing I could fall asleep until 6am. Instead of rushing off to the gym after work, I had a wonderful dinner with a good friend of mine. After dinner, I ran into another friend and talked to her for a bit. It wasn't till 7:36 that I was actually leaving for the gym. I knew today would be the only day that would be like this, and that I'd be upset that I did not do the challenge all 30 days, and fail so early on!

So while my brain tried to convince itself that it just wanted to go home and sit on the couch and not exercise, I let it continue to think thoughts while I drove myself to the gym and went through my routine. Success! I went to the gym on my planned hardest day of the challenge!

On to the wine and cheese:

It's a Spanish Tempranillo. I've never heard of that before. The description says "Rounded and fruity with a soft and mellow character." Sounds lovely. There's nothing particular that sticks out when I smell it. Smells more like a red blend than something distinctive. The taste is very nice, though. Cherry and a bit oaky. I wouldn't call it soft, but I've certainly had wines that were harsher than this wine. Smooth, but not against Meoimi Pinot Noir. It's good, but nothing I'd buy for $15 a bottle.

Onto the cheese!

It's an aged cheddar. I don't want to say "Again?" because I don't want to sound ungrateful, and I know that there will be some repeats (There are only 8 distinct cheeses in this calendar... and 2 are a variety of cheddar and something like 3 are varieties of gouda.) but c'mon! It's only day 4! At least run through the distinct cheeses you have first before repeating. Anyway. Aged Cheddar! It smelled and tasted a lot like the piece of aged cheddar I ate last night. Perhaps this pairing will do better.

Not a bad pairing. The cheese cuts down on some of the acidity of the wine, so the cherry taste really shines through. Nice!

Having all that done, I can now retire to my bed and hopefully sleep for 8 hours. Tomorrow shouldn't be too out of the ordinary. Work, then the gym, then home to drink another glass of mystery wine and eat a piece of mystery cheese!


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