Day 3 - Gym, Merlot Rose, and Aged Cheddar

Excellent day at the gym. I increased several of the weights on most of the machines I used, then followed up with my PT exercises. I like the idea of having a rest day where I drop to a very light weight and focus on form, and the next day go back to a weight that challenges me. I don't want to exhaust myself by day 5 when this is a 30 day challenge. Not surprisingly, I definitely need to work on my shoulder muscles. I'll just keep doing my best and increasing the weight on weight-not-rest days as I move forward.

The wine for day 3 is a Merlot Rose. Another "chill before serving" wine.

And the cheese is an Aged Cheddar.

The wine is smooth, but that might just be in comparison to day one's Brut and day two's Sauvignon Blanc. This is light, smells more tart than it tastes, and I can taste berry and a bit of apple. It has a nice mouthfeel and is very pleasant to drink. It's sweet, but not cloyingly so. The cheese, an aged cheddar, smells, well, like a mild cheddar. It isn't terribly melty when you eat it and continues to be rather firm. It tastes nice, but nothing terribly special. It's a mild cheddar, aged so it's a bit more sharp than a young mild cheese, but nothing off putting. However, I don't think this pairing brings something extra to the two - I don't get a new taste or smell by consuming the cheese, then wine, or wine, then cheese. Both are good, but neither adds to the other. Having eating the rest of the cheese, I'll put my feet up now, and enjoy the half glass of wine I have left.


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