Fabulous App Review

I was suggested a productivity app recently after writing about procrastination. I gave it a go, but I don't think it is right for me. I wanted a few-frills application that allowed me to easily add habits and put in projects and tasks related to projects within a to-do app/calendar interface. Instead, I felt like it heavily suggested its own ideas, wanted me to pay for premium content, consistently would clog the feed with things the application's PMs wanted to push instead of things I wanted to focus on.

After two weeks of working with it, I finally uninstalled it. I know it works for a lot of people - my friend uses it every day to much success. It's a highly rated app.  Sadly, it just didn't work for me. I found it more annoying than helpful Perhaps my friend uses the pro/premium version, which gets a lot of fluff out of the way. Or perhaps she uses many of the programs that they suggest, and uses something else for custom projects.

Regardless, I'm back to using Google Calendar for timeboxing/scheduling. I made sure to put in not only things I want to accomplish, but things I enjoy for relaxation. I also made sure that I didn't overload my evening schedule with work as opposed to relaxation or play. I'll have already worked all day. I won't want to work too much more after that.

I'll be focusing on Exam 70-764, Strong Curves week 1 and making sure I do at least a little bit of home projects, like scanning files or organizing something I've neglected. But timeboxing those tasks means that once my set time is up, I get to relax, or at least put that away for another day.


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