Timeboxing review week 1, planning for week 2

Here's my schedule for the first week. I colored the event the next day, reflecting if I did the activity I set to do (blue) or if I didn't do it (red). It looks to me that I can get myself to work, the gym, and keep social engagements, but left on my own devices, I'm not progressing in my hobbies or my exam goal. Tuesday evening I spent talking with a friend from Colorado, which I think is a good use of my time as I've not spoken to her for a month or so, but that could have been pushed off to another day. Wednesday, I spent time with Julie catching up before we went to dinner, then after dinner we went to a wine bar.

I also neglected to put in my schedule an entry for spending time writing and researching for this blog, which I stole from Exam studying, reading and playing piano. I know part of the issue is the seemingly difficult task of studying for an entire hour, so I'll cut back. Perhaps if I schedule them in half hour segments, it will get me to want to study because the goal seems more attainable. Here's my attempt for week 2:

Since I'll be working until 5pm instead of 3:30pm next week, I'll have to deal with traffic on the way to the gym, so I've added that to the schedule. After doing enough cleaning last week, I can just tidy up my dishes after eating. I noticed that I didn't put in any time to cook dinner, but most of my meals have been microwaving soup as of late. I'll keep a watch on this - I might want to change Write in blog earlier so I can add in some time to cook. As most of my cooking is either short or requires a fair amount of waiting, I can do both of those activities at the same time. I'll report back if I was successful with getting dinner around and eaten and cleaned up in an hour, or if I had to shuffle things around so I wasn't adding things to an already busy schedule.

There also aren't a lot of 'fun and relaxing' items in the weekday evenings. It'll be interesting to find this schedule just as difficult or not. I'll try it and do my best, knowing that I can further refine for week 3.


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