End of production issues for this week. Gearing up for more production issues next week.

I'm sure the following weeks won't be as painful as this week, because I'm an optimist. But I am also exhausted after working almost a 12 hour day trying to solve issues. The coronavirus is popping up in more states and I wonder when hand sanitizer will ever be back in stock. I still have my normal stock, but I'm unsure how long it will last. I've been washing my hands more often, like as soon as I get home, instead of just before cooking. I also have some Lysol wipes from my Amazon order in June that I use for cleaning, and I can use that if the virus continues on when I start traveling.

Tomorrow, I am looking forward to sleeping in, coffee, the gym, a wonderful lunch with two dear friends, and reading and writing and the last of the laundry tomorrow. I know I usually do a review of timeboxing on Sunday, but it's not looking good for a continued tool thus far...


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