Timeboxing week 2 review, and set up for week 3

Perhaps this isn't the system for me. I did worse this week than I did the week previous!

I didn't get to the gym at all. I was injured for the first half of the week, then worked late and chose to do other things. The last time I went to the gym, it was crowded in the parking lot and the gym and I had to fight traffic to get there. Spent a half hour going roughly 5 miles. It's getting less fun to go to the gym, but this week I will head back in and just know it'll be a slog to get there, and hopefully it won't be as crowded. And if it is, oh well. I can't get any fitter by not going to the gym.

I also didn't get to any exam material until Saturday. While I didn't expect to spend 2 hours researching database restore errors, at least it did teach me more.

So, here's last week with things I didn't do colored in red:

Friday, I went out to vote early, and cleaned up my place and did the laundry, so at least I didn't just sit in a corner and do nothing at all.

This week I'm just going to focus on going to the gym, and the exam materials. Perhaps if I don't have too many things planned, I will stick to the tasks and complete them! I feel bad for not having any piano scheduled until Friday, but it isn't like I was playing piano when it was scheduled, either. If I don't have great success this week assuming I don't fall ill or injure myself, perhaps the timeboxing isn't for me. We shall see.


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