Indistractable Chapter 15

Chapter 15, Hack Back Email

Most office workers get too many emails, and only a fraction of them are actionable. An often suggested tactic is to only open the email client once or twice per day at set times, and during the rest of the time, set the out of office responder to show you have received the email but won't be reading it until a set time during the day.

Being in the infrastructure group, I get quite a few alerts that don't pertain to me, and I filter those out. By doing that, I make sure that the alerts that I get are something I can fix. I am not able to just open my email for a set time per day, as I am often called to respond or fix or create something as soon as possible, according to others. And if I ignore the message, I usually get a visit from the sender at my cubicle, ignoring my sign status. While I have been able to reduce my time spent with email by instituting many rules, I don't get the luxury of scheduling when I view or respond to them.

Chapter Summary

Break down the problem. Time spent on email (T) is a function of the number of messages received (n) multiplied by the average time (t) spent per message. T = n * t.
Reduce the number of messages received. Schedule office hours, delay when messages are sent, and reduce time-wasting messages from reaching your inbox.
Spent less time on each message. Label emails by when each message needs a response. Reply to emails during a scheduled time on your calendar.


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