Indistractable Chapter 16

Chapter 16, Hack Back Group Chat

There are a few rules suggested by Jason Fried, founder of Basecamp, a group chat tool.

1) Use it like a sauna. Stay awhile to get what you need, then get out.
2) Schedule it. There are too many ways for group chat to get your attention for things that are not necessary, like GIFs and jokes.
3) Be picky. Don't invite everyone, just people that will have pertinent information or questions for the topic you want to discuss.
4) Use it selectively. It's difficult to read and wait for someone's long answer (possibly sent in multiple messages) in a group of people who are saying other things.

I'm rather pleased that my group very rarely uses group chat, and when they do, it's only to solve an immediate problem. This chapter is a good reminder in case a group dynamic changes and we start to use group chat more often.

Chapter Summary:

Real-time communication channels should be used sparingly. Time spent communicating should not come at the sacrifice of time spent concentrating.
Company culture matters. Changing group chat practices may involved questioning company norms. We'll discuss this topic in part five.
Different communication channels have different uses. Rather than use every technology as an always-on channel, use the best tools for the job.
Get in and get out. Group chat is great for replacing in-person meetings but terrible if it becomes an all-day affair.


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