Indistractable Chapter 17

Chapter 17, Hack Back Meetings

It's important to have a meeting agenda sent with the meeting invitation so other people can have an informed discussion on the topic and do necessary research beforehand. I know that I'm able to bring better solutions to a problem if I've had the chance to think about the problem before being asked my opinion in a meeting.

Most people in my department attend without devices, but there are a growing number of folks who do bring their laptops and I wonder of their attention span, as it doesn't seem like they're taking notes, but they could be. I prefer to attend just with paper and a pen.

Chapter Summary:

Make it harder to call a meeting. To call a meeting, the organizer must circulate an agenda and briefing document.
Meetings are for consensus building. With few exceptions, creative problem solving should occur before the meeting individually or in small groups.
Be fully present. People use devices in meetings to escape monotony and boredom, which subsequently makes meetings worse.
Have one laptop per meeting. Devices in everyone's hands makes it more difficult to achieve the purpose of the meeting. With the exception of one laptop in the room for presenting information and taking notes, leave devices outside.


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