Novel Coronavirus

I've been monitoring the dashboard at this link for a couple of weeks. The number of cases in China has long passed the inflection point and their number of cases per day are getting smaller and smaller. In the other cases outside of China, it looks like today we just might have started an inflection point - but that just might be for South Korea, Italy and Iran since they have the majority of outside China cases - or this is not the inflection point at all. I drew the red arrow showing where the slope started to change. But, if it really has hit the inflection point for South Korea, Italy and Iran, it doesn't mean the US has hit their inflection point yet.

Wash your hands. Wash them again. If you have any illness that makes you cough or sneeze, do not go out in public. Before you eat anything, wash your hands. If you don't feel well, stay home. There is no need to overload hospitals and urgent care if you don't need medical attention. The only way to get through this is to stagger getting sick so you can have medical treatment if necessary.


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