Today I slept in, practiced more photography, got a delivery of a Garmin watch and a box of tea. Took the watch for a run, and I like it so much more than the free Runkeeper app. This definitely is the way to go!

Now to create a spreadsheet of my MapMyRun and RunKeeper walk-runs and compare them to the ones I'll collect over at Garmin.

Many thanks to the family and friends that made sure I got to 35. I spoke with several friends and family members today and enjoyed a cup of tea as well as being outside for about a half hour in the sun. My mother mentioned that her thirties were her favorite. It's been better than my 20s, that's for sure!

I also did the Mini Crossword in less than a minute!! No need for Auto Check, I just hammered all the answers down, without typos or guessing!


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