Diverging Diamonds

I recently learned about Diverging Diamond Interchanges because I heard that Raleigh was going to get one soon.

Well, we're kind of not, since COVID-19 happened. The one near my office is still in the design phase, with no idea of when it'll be out of the design phase and in the bidding phase. However, Diverging Diamond Interchanges are really interesting! You get to drive on the wrong side of the road, and avoid more crashes by doing so!

Essentially, all turning traffic would never have to cross oncoming traffic, as the right turn traffic already splits off without getting near oncoming traffic, and left turn traffic crosses the side of the road along with the non-turning traffic, while all the opposite direction traffic stops, then the opposite direction traffic, along with its left turn traffic, crosses to their left.

It looks like I need to go to Mebane, NC to find the one nearest me and legally drive on the left side of the road for a while!


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