Hokkaido Milk Bread Attempt #4

I expected to have rousing success. The previous issue was that I didn't knead enough. So, I worked to combine all ingredients very well and then kneaded for 10 minutes - it went from sticky to pliable and pleasant back to sticky, and I figured that was the sign that I've kneaded enough instead of adding a lot more flour, which would change the ratio of the ingredients.

The first rise looked great! The dough more than doubled in the oiled bowl. The dough was easy to work with for the shaping and second rising.

The second rise looked wonderful! The dough was high over the ridge of the loaf pan I put it in the oven and.... well, it cooked in there. Developed a nice crust. But it did not rise further.

Not only am I at a lost, I'm also tired of eating the not-actually Hokkaido Milk Bread. I think I'll cook other things for a while, and come back to it after a few months off.


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