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I found this article interesting about using landscaping to deflect noise. As a person that loves quiet and very likely has misophonia, I love the idea of creating my own area that can be mostly quiet from external noises, like cars and planes.

And, the artist who drew up the plans for this Land Art Park based it on Chladni patterns, which are very cool as well - when random sand is scattered onto something like a level plate, then the plate is vibrated at a particular frequency (like by drawing a cello bow against the plate), it creates a pattern.

An AskReddit thread about free resources garnered a lot of positive responses and varied links, between Khan Academy, Free File (for taxes), Internet Archive and more.

Wired posted an article about Doomscrolling - something I was doing in March, but pretty well stopped in April when I realized it was taking a toll on my mental health. There are a lot of subreddits and YouTube channels I either watch once per week, or not at all anymore. It's nice to get more time back, and have less anxiety!


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