Starting the second EdX course

I read through the section headings for Developing SQL Databases course, and said to myself, "Oh. I've done all these things. Not with a ton of frequency, but enough that I've done both educational and professional projects with everything.

Because I'm often on the data request/report writing side, I work with a DBA who has 25+ years experience, and because our developers are full stack, I rarely get involved in database design. I have both done some design and have been consulted on database design at work, but not nearly as much as I have with data requests or reporting.

I'll need a little practice with indexing, as I generally let a third party tool at work determine the amount of fragmenting and if and how indexes need to be organized or rebuilt, and how, but I've at least had a little experience with everything mentioned in this course. What a surprise! Makes me feel good that I might be able to get this done in mid or late August.


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