It's father's day today, and my dad is difficult to buy for. He's the kind of guy who will either not need something, or get a thing that he wants, when he thinks of it do solve problems or bring him joy. I was speaking with my mother a few days ago about what I should get him for father's day. We didn't come up with anything until until she told me all about how he loves putting puzzles together, and I realized - duh, yes he does, and extra duh, go buy him one! I went to Amazon to find some, and bought two highly rated puzzles that mention all ages putting it together in the reviews. As I am not a puzzler at all, I referred to the art and the reviews to make my choice.

Bad idea.

I probably should have measured out how long 20 x 24 cm is, and how small 1,000 pieces would be.

Upon receipt, one of the puzzles was very difficult. Mom texted that the pieces were about the size of chocolate chips. Not that I didn't believe them, but it made it clear when she then sent me a picture of a few puzzle pieces, next to an actual chocolate chip.

Wow. Happily, the other puzzle I bought was much better - a more reasonable (only compared to the first) size of pieces. Happy Father's day, Dad. I'll make sure to look up overall size and number of pieces next year!


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