Chronicles of Prydain, Book 4: Taran Wanderer

I've started the fourth book, and the author notes that it's focused on the male lead Taran and doesn't include the female lead who I hoped had a better character arc in this book. I guess she gets no arc and in the next book, has matured... hopefully. Well, I suppose it makes sense to have this book focus on the male lead as the previous three books focused on him and he's the main character. This book sees him attempting to find out where he came from and who his parents were.  I'm only on chapter two, so that's about all I've got.

However, I went on a lovely bike ride yesterday around the southwestern side of Raleigh from Pullen Park to Mt Hope Cemetery. The greenway trail wasn't easy to find once you get to South Saunders street, as they put the sign off the road, next to a community. I really was uncomfortable riding in a thin tunnel where the lights had gone out, but there weren't people in there, so I just sped through it. Meandering around the parks was lovely, and I certainly would do the trail again, especially since I know where the trail connects on S Saunders and won't have to have a few wrong turns. I've really enjoyed biking around Raleigh, and have covered a rather large part so far. I don't think I'm close to covering all 100+ miles of the greenway yet, but I'm happy just to get out.


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