SQL Practice Test #15

At least I failed with the questions correctly marked incorrect. This test had more questions on temporal tables, another new concept for SQL Server 2016 as well as LEAD/LAG which apparently started in 2012, but I've never come across it. More to learn. I'm hoping by taking a small test nearly every day, I'll learn faster than reading a dry book.

However I've been running or walking every day this week and think I'll continue doing something every day, even if it's a 1 mile walk. Since I've run for three days in a row, I think tomorrow I'll go for a walk.

It's been difficult setting up a stretching habit, though it's clear I need one. The Atomic Habits book suggests I need to make it obvious, attractive, easy and satisfying. The last bit is already done - I like it when it's done. I feel good and accomplished. I'm not doing a good job with making it obvious or attractive, though. What if I move my yoga mat to the middle of the living room floor? It's not like anyone is coming over anytime soon. That takes care of obvious. How to I make it attractive? Doing something I like just before I stretch so I get some dopamine hit, then do stretching. It has to be something short with a defined end time. I think I'll choose listening to one Pomplamoose track on YouTube, as I find them entertaining and energizing. If I find it doesn't work, I'll change it.


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