SQL Practice Test #14

Ugh, JSON is confusing me, and even when I stop to look for materials during the test to answer a question, I get it wrong. I'll read through the question list.

Wait, I got this one wrong? Not only do I know the right answer because I understand grouping sets, but the other answers make no syntactical sense (WHERE and ORDER instead of GROUP and GROUPING SETS). How is that true? Here's my answer:

And here is the answer that Measure Up provided...

Heyyyy!!! That's the same! How am I supposed to pass this test if you're marking the correct answer as incorrect? I'd have passed the test today if not for this error!! What a let down. I guess I'll study the JSON questions so I can continue to get this one marked incorrect, but pass the test anyway.

Off to the Castle Llyr in Prydain!


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