Finished Castle of Llyr and walked a 5k

 I finished The Castle of Llyr last night before going to sleep. It ended well, but had two issues regarding character. The antagonist, who used to rule the entire land, then who became second fiddle for a while now became number one. Once the protagonists won and she lost her power, she seemingly changed personalities to become more subdued and will follow the protagonists where they want her to go. Maybe the character is playing the long game and will regain her powers in the following two books.

The other issue I had was the rescue for the protagonists. It was looking grim for them. They were far from land and the island they were leaving was sinking and creating a whirlpool. The main protagonist was somehow treading the turbulent water while holding onto an unconscious character and was not fairing well with either task. Then, suddenly, he's on shore, and it is learned that he and the others were rescued by a mid-book villain who decided to be helpful instead. That seems unlikely and too convenient.  

I'm hoping in books 4 and 5 that the heroine of the group becomes more mature as the others seemed to mature faster in this book as most of the action was devoted to them. While the main protagonist likes her, if she stays at the same level of maturity and communication, I can't imagine the main protagonist to be truly happy with her as it had been hinted in book 1 that they might grow to be interested in each other.

Enough with the book! I was pleased to walk a 5k yesterday, funny enough, slightly faster than the first time I tried to run it in 2015. I'll be switching between biking, walking, run/walking and jogging this month (and hopefully for the rest of my life) with the goal of daily exercise in August. If a hurricane comes, I might not be able to go out for a day or two, but I'll stay optimistic and if I can go for a run or walk or bike, I'll go do that.


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