Painting, Week 2

 I took a look at my reference painting. My painting has all the wrong colors! Also, it doesn't have a straight line at the horizon. I also found out through Bob Ross that I needed a few more brushes, and what I bought were NOT going to work. I picked up a number 6 fan brush, a few much larger straight edged brushes and more white paint.


The instructor didn't add anything, or teach anything, but talked about the gig he just did in Delaware. Oh, by the way, he's actually a guitarist. That's his real job. He's in a band, and got his education in music, not art. He just kind of fell into art and his wife wanted him out of the house, and suggested that he go teach at the art center. He brought a half finished painting with two guitarists and worked on that while talking to one of the students.

However, I think I got my colors corrected and my horizon line is straight!

I used my fan brush to create grass in the foreground and started on clouds and a sun. Not too bad!

Week 3


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