Painting, Week 5

I didn't want to forget things I had learned already, like how to blend colors and use the fan brush and how to paint clouds, so I grabbed a small set of canvases to practice on, and started on one. The sky at the horizon reminded me of mountains, so I just leaned into it and actually painted mountains in the distance. I attempted another go at making the sun not look like the moon, but I failed. Maybe it's a level 2 skill and I'm still at level 1. Everything else, I think I like. The mountains are a little messy, but this is just a practice canvas, and I'm only attempting to learn... pretty much by myself. 

The instructor brings his long cow painting back, wanders around, and talks about his dagger striper brush again. He notices that I've brought a small canvas and notes that I must be painting from memory since I am not referencing the original painting. He says to the class that we need to be finishing up our paintings as there is one more class to go. I have no idea what to expect. Is he going to be taking photos of finished paintings? Is he going to judge who has the best painting? There is an exhibition hall in the basement. Does he think we'll put them there for a week or two for others to admire? Maybe I can practice the sun rays a few days before since I now have an annual membership to the studio.


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