There are very few donuts I like. Krispy Kreme Original Glazed. Duck Donuts Maple Bacon donut. I can eschew nearly all others. Except Entemann's Frosted Devil's Food Donuts. I made myself a rule that I can only buy them when the local grocery store has them half off, else they're almost a dollar per donuts, which seems ridiculous for a non-locally produced and probably not as fresh donut (compared to local bakeries). The Entemann's half off sale happens about once a year, so I don't end up buying too many.

Harris Teeter, the grocery store next to my office was running an ad that included "Select Entemann's Baked Goods" - buy one, get one free. Most of the time, it just means each item is half off instead of truly buying one and getting the other one for free. And, when it happens, they include "Must buy 1 to get 1 free". I grab a box, noting to myself that the sale presentation of the Entemann's only has a nice stack of boxes of donuts and no signage of the collection being half off. Needing to meet a friend for dinner in 15 minutes, I shrug off the lack of sale signs and head to the register.

Argh. It is not half off. Apparently those Entemann's items were not selected for this sale. Instead of cancelling the transaction and putting the donuts back - a sure way to burn time that I did not have - I accepted the loss, parted with my $5.80, and took my donuts to my car. Oh well. Next time, I will be more careful. Unless it specifically states Entemann's donuts being half off, I'll ignore them. Lesson Learned.

I checked the Food Lion ad the next day. Entemann's donuts, Buy One Get One Free. And Food Lion is great about only needing to buy one item at half price. I don't need more donuts. But these donuts were only $2.90. And they are my favorite. And they will last a fair amount. And the sale won't appear again for some time. But, I don't have to go to the grocery store.

Except for that hurricane that might meander my way. I need to get some bottled water and cans of soup before the masses scoop everything up.

So, I went to the store for my hurricane food. Water. Canned Soup. And a box of Entemann's donuts.


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