The News

The news used to be the news. It was a program that lasted an hour, given to you by local anchors who told you the current events of the day. There were clips in it of other newscasters in other locations, both local and global, giving an eyewitness account.

Now there's the 24 hour news cycle. You can always find the news... except most of it is opinion. And the rest is sensational. It's depressing or upsetting or both, and there's not much to do to help those far away, out. I can give monetary aid to the Bahamas after the hurricane, but I can't fly down there and help rebuild their homes or throw paper towels in their general direction.

Perhaps it's best to just turn the news off. No visiting, no watching the Late Show with Stephen Colbert or Late Night with Seth Meyers. I'm taking the rest of the month off. How will I feel in the beginning of October? Like I've lost a window to the world? Or that it doesn't matter?

We'll see, in October.


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