Day 1 for SQL Server Live

I attended Advanced Data Protection: Security and Privacy in SQL Server and learned many awesome features that were released with SQL Server 2016. Always Encryption, Dynamic Data Masking and how there are trade-offs for both. Also mentioned:

Ode to a Shipping Label

The difference between Deterministic and Randomized encryption and why to use each type.

When people arrived to set up their laptops, it was funny to compare the difference in IT people and the general public. They troubleshot how to get onto the Wifi when the directions were unclear and joked/complained that the UI dev for the landing page to get access to Wifi wrote "PIN" when they meant "password" as to gain access, we were given an alphanumeric string.

It was a fantastic look into new features in SQL Server and possible ways to think about data and when to encrypt or mask, and why. Blanket decisions are rarely the best answer.


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