Day 3 for SQL Server Live

Yesterday morning, I went to a talk about troubleshooting, triage, PowerShell and a few scenarios that are important but not urgent. I learned about Extended Events for logging certain events that are lost when a reboot of SQL Server to clear a full tempdb.

In the afternoon, I went to two sessions: Things You Should Never Do In Microsoft SQL Server and Improve Database Performance in Seven Steps.

Things You Should Never Do In Microsoft SQL Server - the information was okay, and the presenter didn't have as much humor as I had hoped from the write up on his session. He shared many things that were interestingly wrong, but his delivery was very much "Comic Book Guy" from The Simpsons. While there were some good information in it, most of it was rather basic. Indexes are important. Understanding the data types you select when designing a table are important. While I know it was in jest, and a discussion on what not to do, the presentation was also something not to do.

Improve Database Performance in Seven Steps - this guy was excellent and his presentation was full of relevant demos. There was a lot of information that I'll have to digest tomorrow - I have a light day - and run the scripts he ran in his demos as well. He also gave a lot of reference materials that I'd like to read to fully understand. He started and wrote Execution Plan Referece and also has a blog at He mentioned this book:

SQL Server MVP Deep dives

and this webpage on Dynamic SQL


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