Day 4 for SQL Server Live

Day 4 didn't have a lot of sessions that were of interest to me. I did head to the SQL panel. The overarching theme is that SQL Server and Relational databases are not dead. Services for integrating RMDBs with things like NoSQL, or having SQL Server installed with Linux will become more prevalent. There will still be in prem data centers, but if you are going into IT today, it'll be more cloud services for storage and network. Physical hardware jobs, or repetitive administration tasks will be consumed by cloud and as a service. Data science and AI will play a larger role for the DBA and will be more important to the business as they will be called for dataops and devops. Basically, getting the right data and results to the right people.

Machine Learning applied data science is getting bigger. Some of the normal DBA tasks will be taken over by machine learning - like Azure Performance Tuning. Enhance your role with these types of tools, because you can see what needs to be fixed easily and let the tool/ML take care of the repetitive tasks to fix the issue. They see the future of the DBA role being less administrative, more engineer and architect.

However, everyone on the panel agreed that the role of DBA isn't going away, much like how relational databases are not going away.

When the panel was asked the best way to advance your career, they suggested reading blogs of top contributors and MVPs, continue to learn new things, even if they are not directly related to your job, and to have empathy, especially for end users.


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