SQL Server Live Wrap up

Good conference overall, but I believe I'll be heading back to PASS Summit next year - they've changed the venue from the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle to the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston. That is going to be a much better sell for people on the east coast who don't want to go all the way to Seattle in November. After all, that's why I hesitated. Last time I was in Seattle, it snowed. It was rather miserable! I was happy to find a different conference to attend - in central Florida.

It was a good conference - I had a few great speakers, an okay speaker, and one terrible speaker. I learned about data security, Always Encrypt, Dynamic Data Masking, Row compression, What Not to Do in SQL Server (and how to not give a presentation!), how to do performance tuning with code, and without code. I have a ton of articles and blogs and courses via datacamp/pluralsight/edx that would be a great point to learn more.

The food quality was average, and it was annoying that the coffee and tea wasn't available all day, but only at set times. And if you're a slow eater, you might not get dessert as the caterers seem eager to get everything wrapped up and tossed out. The expo hall was rather sad with 6 vendors who had very plain set ups.

Good conference for learning, but as far as the amenities... not so much. I'm looking forward to switching back to PASS Summit and getting both great speakers and great food and amenities.


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