Day 2 for SQL Server Live

Yesterday morning, I attended a keynote about how to get end users to use new applications. It's a lot about selling properly, setting up easy ways to ask questions to people who aren't multiple levels above them, allowing them to use the new application early while running parallel, and understanding that some people will go at their own pace of adopting new technology.

I myself do not like using voice to search. I'd much rather query using a keyboard/touchscreen/etc as a input device. I likely will need to change my thoughts on that in the next few decades and speech to text/virtual assistant grows even more prominent.

The speaker noticed the trend of IM (using Slack or Microsoft Teams) over traditional email, and that his younger team members wouldn't respond to emails until the end or beginning of the day - he inquired, and they said that they would prefer to answer through Slack/Teams as it's more dynamic, you can get a prominent notification straight away, can add relevant files or people without forwarding or forgetting attachments. They also didn't need to search through emails to get the information they needed - it's all in the channel which they can search or scroll easily.

It looks like the new version of the Office suite in O365 is getting the same predictive/query power that Power BI had revolutionized a few years ago - taking a certain set of data and asking questions in conversational format and getting an answer back without having to add pivots or graphs or setting up filters. In the demo, he just had an Excel spreadsheet of flat data and asked a totally normal question about aggregation of a certain column over time.

In the afternoon, I went to quick talks about Automation for the DBA, leveraging tools like PowerShell and Performance Tuning without changing code. I learned a few resources for PowerShell, and I suspect I start getting into that. I also learned from the Performance Tuning talk things like Row/Table Compression and that Tom LaRock is extremely popular. Every seat was taken! Hopefully he continues to do more in future conferences.


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